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Espying the VR technology

Human eyes are the best in capturing and feeling every moment to the maximum extent. But with the complicated human brain and its desires to perceive new places and things, it is impossible to physically visit those places. Big disappointment isn’t it? Not anymore. With VR technology, it is possible to grab hold of all that we wish to perceive.

Defining VR technology:

Virtual reality is a simulated experience of the real world. In simple terms, it is a computer-generated real-world experience that is similar to it but not the real world. To create such an environment, we make use of the multi-projected environments or virtual reality headsets to generate realistic pictures, sounds, etc. to simulate the user’s physical presence in the world of virtual reality.

Components of VR Technology:

The first thing that comes to mind when we think about the VR technology is the HMD – Head Mounted Display. All of the components of VR are put under 2 categories of hardware and software.

Components of hardware include a computer, sensory displays, process acceleration cards, input devices, etc.

Components under software are 3D modeling, VR simulation, Digital Sound editing, graphics, etc.

 Uses of VR technology:

Though this technology is widely used in the gaming field initially, the uses of this technology have expanded its wings to all the fields in modern times. It would be startling to know that VR technology has its roots in almost all fields including entertainment, real estate, education, etc.

Entertainment: VR technology is widely used to design video games and 3D movies in general. Virtual reality headsets are made available to gamers for a better gaming experience. 3D cinemas are used to depict sports, music, fine arts, etc.

VR technology

Military: In the military, VR is used in training to undertake wider ranges of simulation. These include fights, battlefields, virtual boot camps, etc.

Fashion: This is a lesser-known application of VR technology. It can be used in simulating the store environment making it easier for the owners to place everything in the proper place.

Medicine: In the field of medicine, VR is used mostly by dental students and other medics to practice different procedures and surgeries to minimize the chances of risk and harm to the patients.

Education: It is a real advantage in this field more than the others as learning is made easier with realistic concepts and phenomena.

Real Estates: It is used to create virtual constructions making it easier to understand them and increase the scope of business.

Apart from these, this immersion technology also aids in understanding the results of an idea by implementing it in the simulating world before presenting it to reality. This is a great aid to all kinds of businesses as the companies can determine their performances and user satisfaction.

360-degree VR – A Key to Booming Real Estates

A real estate is a property comprising of land or a building. Over the years, its popularity increased tremendously as the buyers have increased immensely. Well, this increase is due to the dreams of people. Some dream of a home while the others dream of an office and building their dream empire.

Whatever the reason is, the common thing is the requirement of a real estate. Here come the real estate companies who aid people by showing different properties and negotiating them to buy the one they liked.

Previously, everyone used to personally verify the properties before buying them. But with modern life and work complications, it is impossible to scrutinize everything. So people are relying on videos and photographs. This isn’t up to the mark too.

To avoid the decline of their businesses, real estate companies have come up with 360-degree videos. More precisely known as 360-degree VR, it is a video depiction of how a property looks after construction.

360-degree Video:

Though this seems to be unreal, the videos and animations used here to picture the exact look of the building-to-be aids in understanding the outcome thereby choosing the best. Pictures and plans used to do this job previously but this VR, the jobs of both selling and buying have become more comfortable.

The 360-degree virtual tour of any building is an immersion advent. It can be viewed as and when needed. In simple terms, it is a digital tour of a home, hotel, office, or any kind of building. With this, it is possible to view the buildings in all possible angles.

360-degree VR

There are 2 types of 360-degree VR tours. They are as follows:

  • Guided Tour:

These are full or sometimes partial virtual tours that require only a panoramic camera to shoot. They are used for existing properties as they are easy to shoot.

  • Immersive Tour:

The immersive tour is a complete virtual reality wherein the user can view the buildings in any desired angle clearly and in detail.


Though this VR has made the buying easy, it is more advantageous to the real estate companies more than everyone owing to the following reasons:

  • Physically visiting the properties far from people is both costly and time-consuming. Through this technology, companies can give all the information needed to people all over the world.
  • This technology enhances the reach of the companies as access isn’t limited to a particular place.
  • Marketing anything without a physical tool is nearly impossible. The 360-degree video depicts the model and makes it easy to sell.
  • Visualizing the buildings is another way to grab more buyers as there is a clear picture right before them.

Many studies and research prove that the percentage of people buying from real estate companies has increased immensely because of this virtual technology. With increased clarity and options, it is natural and easier for people to choose their ideal choice. The 360-degree video is a great deal of profits for these companies in all aspects.