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Perfect Fill-ins to Photoshop for Photo Editing

A picture holds numerous memories in it. Along with the time and place, it also reminds us of a situation or a memory related to it. This is why most of the people treasure their pictures with love and care.

When a photograph is so important, it is natural that we try to improve the quality of it. We are provided with loads of software, thanks to the internet. The most prevailing software is Photoshop from Adobe.

Well, there’s no doubt that this is the best choice for edits. But the complex features and pricing make it difficult to choose and use as well. But how do we edit our images? Here’s a glimpse of the best alternatives to Photoshop that are available to us.

  • Apple Photos:

It comes by default with every Mac offering simple to use editing tools. It also eases the organization of the photos by segregating them based on dates or by using different folders. Brightness, saturation, color correction, etc. are just a click away.

It is both an editor and an organizer at the same time. Right now it is only available in Mac. The editing options are the same on both iOS and the desktop so it is pretty easy to use this software.

Apple photo editor
  • Luminar:

The free-trial of Luminar 4 is the perfect complement to Photoshop. It combines advanced RAW editing and photos management. It is the best choice for professional photographers and designers.

It edits RAW photos with superior degrees of accuracy. For attributes like saturation, contrast, highlights, etc. there is a choice of precise edit. The AI-enchanted filters like Foliage enhancement and Accent AI 2.0, the editing can be done at a lightning pace with no compromise in the image quality.

  • Pixlr:

It is a unique photo editor and is wholly web-based. It even allows us to edit the basic adjustments like saturation, frames, and contrast. Its mobile version is the easiest to use. It holds a good amount of Photoshop elements that are simple to access.

It also supports a hard-to-find feature in online editing i.e. layers. It is an ideal choice for people with no sufficient place to download software, especially for editing purposes.

  • Windows 10 Photos:

Coming from Microsoft, it is included by default on any device with the Windows 10 operating system. As mentioned earlier like Apple Photos, Windows 10 Photos also acts as an organizer apart from being an editor.

To make it easier to import the photos that are saved in different folders, it automatically displays all the images. A one-click-fix option is provided to instantly edit the brightness, color, and contrast. These are some of the widely-used photo editing tools as a replacement to the sophisticated and advanced Adobe Photoshop. They are user-friendly and offer a good range of editing options.